SanAndSam India Pvt Ltd, based in India, is an authorised channel partner of Verbatim Storage Media, Flash Memory, USB cables, Wireless Chargers, other computer/electronics/mobile accessories and accessories in India.

We have wide range of products, highly recommended by the customers, i.e. CD, DVD, Blu-ray, MDISC and other well-designed products with advance technology, and we supply these products all over India.

SanAndSam India was established in the year 2012 as proprietorship firm and in 2018 converted into SanAndSam Private Limited company , has been involved into distributions of Storage Paroduct's. We provide satisfactory services to our customers with highly proficient team. Our team is well trained about products in all aspects and handle all the queries of customers related product, very professionally.

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About Verbatim

Since our beginning in 1969, Verbatim ® has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology from Floppy Disks and Magneto-Optical storage to the latest CD and DVD formats, USB Drives and Memory Cards. Today, more than 48 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognisable names in the data storage industry.
An industry pioneer, Verbatim is recognised for the role it plays in early product development and commercial product introduction of new technologies. Our leadership is especially apparent in the evolution of optical media recording including MO and the CD/DVD family of products.
Verbatim was the first media company to receive ISO certification, the de facto standard for quality management systems worldwide. This commitment to quality translates into consistent product performance and reliability. We deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations by leveraging our technology leadership, as well as our world class manufacturing, marketing and distribution capabilities. Verbatim provides on-site technical support, diagnostics, fault resolution and customer service to ensure seamless user experience and engagement.
Our business is organised in geographic regions composed of one or more affiliates. Key regions are Asia/Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and The Americas. Within EMEA are the United Kingdom (UK). Within The Americas are Latin America (LatAM) and North America (NA).
A global footprint that spans over 120 countries in six continents, we've been awarded numerous awards and we remain a global market leader in Optical storage media.



M DISCTM Blu-ray Write


Keypad Hard Drive


Fast Mobile Wireless Charger.


8 in 1 Type-C Hub


4-in-1 Card Reader USB 3.0


Compact Flash Cards


MicroSD Cards



DVD-R Inkjet Printable




DVD+R DL 8.5GB Double Layer